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Akila is a very quick learner. He loves to play in the yard and zoom around. He is still learning about city life but does well on walks and recovers fast if something spooks her. He is anxious and untrusting of men. We believe this is something he can overcome with training.
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I’m a hound cross and will be a year old in May. I’m definitely not one of those hounds whom are loud though; I’m a nice girl! I’m a big dorky puppy whom loves to romp and roll with my foster siblings.
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Precious is a very sweet little girl. She loves scritches when you get home and will lift her paws for a hug (once she is used to you). Precious loves napping, playing with treat balls/ toys, and going for shorter walks (more of a sniff fest in the park really). She does scare or startle easily and is intimidated by new situations or challenges (ie: stairs in and out from the patio, getting on/ off an elevator).
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Hey! My name is Bill and I’m looking for a family to adopt me. I would love to be apart of a family with kids to play with, or another calm dog my size. I like to play, but I can get overwhelmed with higher energy dogs.
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We would like to introduce you all to our special boy MacGruff who is one of the happiest dogs we have ever met! He is incredibly adaptable, loves being pet and scratched, loves going on a walk and loves absolutely everybody including all dogs and cats.
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Updated October 03, 2022


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